At our core, we're passionate about capturing the beauty of life and the essence of people, whether it's through weddings, family portraits, headshots, commercial photography, or our action and performing arts photography. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to our craft, we strive to create images that tell a story, evoke emotion, and stand the test of time. Trust us to be professional, personable, and ready to capture the magic of your special moments.

A newlywed couple sharing a kiss in the snow. The groom, a tall United States officer in navy blue dress uniform adorned with gold bars, supports his bride's back with his left hand as he leans in for a kiss. The bride, wearing a delicate lace-detailed white wedding dress, leans back and kisses her husband passionately as snowflakes fall around them. The background features snow-covered trees, with the snowy ground and falling snow in the foreground. The photograph is well-lit, with a backlight illuminating the falling snow and an off-camera strobe providing fill light on the couple.


We love capturing people feeling grateful, which is the most beautiful emotion of them all. Our founder, Brian Smyer, is an expert storyteller who is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those around him. His creative eye and commitment to excellence will ensure that your photographs are nothing short of spectacular. We strive to capture the unique stories of love that unfold during each wedding, creating timeless images that you will cherish for years to come .

At Smyer Image, we use the power of photography to connect with people and capture their most beautiful moments. Our passion is to show you a reflection of yourself that is even more stunning and radiant than you ever imagined. 

A family portrait featuring five individual families, expertly posed and well-lit. The families are grouped in clusters, with the first cluster consisting of a mom, dad, two sons, and two daughters, dressed in light blue, blue denim, yellow, yellow shirt and jeans, and white and blue shirt and jeans. The second group consists of a grandpa, grandma, daughter, and grandson, dressed in light blue, yellow sweater, black top and dark jeans, and light blue shirt and shorts. The third and fourth clusters are dressed similar to the first and have six and five people, respectively. All individuals are attractive and looking confident and happy while gazing at the camera. The photograph features a background of trees and the Wasatch mountains, with green leaves framing the mountain and tall golden grass framing the family in the foreground

Family Portraits

We believe that family portraits are a fun and memorable experience that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy. Brian Smyer ensures that each session is a stress-free, enjoyable experience that captures the essence of your family. With professional studio lighting and up to 1.5 hours of shoot time on location or 50 minutes in-studio, your family will have plenty of time to get comfortable and showcase your personalities. Not only will the session be fun and relaxing, but Brian will also provide magazine-quality editing and an online gallery for easy downloading and professional printing. 

A photograph of a concrete worker in warm clothes with a yellow safety jacket, hard hat, safety glasses, and gloves. He is wearing a gator around his neck for warmth, and it's sunrise with pink showing in the clouds. In the background, there are giant cement trucks and pumps working at a commercial construction site where they are pouring large amounts of concrete. Their lights are on, and the camera lens blurs them pleasantly. The worker is a man with dark hair and a mustache, extending his arm and hand to shake your hand and welcome you with a radiant smile

Construction Photography

Our commercial photography services include architecture, construction projects, and hero shots. Brian Smyer's expert knowledge of photography and lighting ensures stunning results in any situation. Additionally, he has a keen eye for understanding the lines and details of architecture and is able to capture the essence of a space in his phConstruction  otographs. His extensive experience in commercial photography has honed his people skills, enabling him to work seamlessly with employees, models, and clients to create stunning and effective visual content.  You'll have peace of mind knowing that you made the right decision by choosing a photographer who provides exceptional service and results.

An aerial view of a major construction site where workers in yellow safety vests are pumping concrete from several large trucks. There are employee cars and lights around the area, and a long white building in the background with the beautiful Wasatch mountains behind it. The photo was taken at sunrise, and there are dramatic clouds above the mountains, giving the photo an impressive and majestic feel.

Drone Photography/Video

We are proud to offer drone photography and video services. Our licensed drone pilot has the skill and expertise to capture stunning aerial footage of events and projects in a cinematic style. From construction projects to architecture, and even weddings, our drone photography is sure to provide a unique perspective and add an extra level of excitement to any project.

We also specialize in creating fun and engaging videos for social media reels that showcase the beauty and excitement of the world from above. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch service, and we work closely with our clients to ensure their vision is brought to life through our drone photography and videography services. Trust us to deliver high-quality footage that will leave you and your audience in awe.

A professional headshot of a young, attractive man with dark hair and a captivating smile. He is dressed in a blue pin-striped suit, exuding confidence and approachability, making him an ideal person to do business with. The background is a perfectly blurred mixture of wood and glass, creating a sense of depth and three-dimensionality. The photograph captures the man's professionalism and approachability, making it an excellent representation of his business persona

Head Shots

We offer professional corporate headshots for large companies, providing portable lighting, backgrounds, and posing assistance to capture business-like and approachable images of employees. Our pricing is structured on a sliding scale to be more affordable for larger groups, and our goal is to create images that companies can proudly showcase. We ensure a stress-free and professional experience by consistently delivering high-quality results and offering the convenience of bringing the studio to you.

A photograph of a high school senior with long, beautiful red hair sitting on a brick bench, captured from above for a unique perspective. She is dressed in an orange top and ripped blue jeans, surrounded by yellow and green fall leaves that have fallen on the ground. In the photograph, she has just thrown handfuls of leaves in the air, which are captured in motion, falling around her. Her bright smile captures the excitement of change, representing her graduation. The photo also features a trendy watch on her wrist, making the portrait stylish and on-trend.

Senior Photos

We understand that high school senior photos are about capturing memories of an exciting time in life. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident, showcasing your personality and individuality. Whether you're looking for a traditional portrait or a unique and edgy look, Brian Smyer has the expertise to make your vision a reality. Let us help you capture the feelings of joy and bragging rights that come with this special time in your life.. 

A skier skiing in deep powder snow at Brighton Resort in Utah. The skier is buried in snow up to his beard and is wearing a black helmet with mirrored lenses and a green and yellow jacket. The snow around his neck is turning to cold smoke as he moves. Snow-covered pine trees can be seen in the background.

Action and Performances

We have a passion for capturing the beauty and energy of life's most exciting moments. Our action photography is all about showcasing the incredible athleticism and grace of athletes as they tackle challenging terrain in the great outdoors. From skiing down mountainsides to mountain biking through rugged trails, we're committed to capturing every adrenaline-filled moment with precision and artistry.

Our expertise doesn't stop there. We also specialize in capturing the emotion and energy of live performances, including theatre productions and music concerts. With our experience and skill, we know how to capture the essence of the moment, highlighting the artist's talent and passion for their craft. Whether it's a high-energy rock concert or an intimate theatrical performance, we strive to capture every moment with creativity and flair. So if you're looking for stunning action and performance photography that tells a story, look no further than our team of professionals.


Welcome to the Smyer Image Blog, where we share our passion for photography, wedding photography, philanthropy, and the power of capturing moments that matter.  Our blog is the place to be for photography enthusiasts, brides-to-be, and anyone who appreciates the art of storytelling through photos. From tips and tricks for taking stunning shots, to showcasing the beauty and emotion of weddings, to our commitment to giving back through photography, we cover it all.

Through our wedding photography, we strive to capture the magic of every moment, from the big picture to the smallest details. We believe that every wedding tells a unique story, and we take great care to ensure that every shot captures the essence of that story.

But our passion for photography goes beyond just weddings. We also use our skills to give back to the community by donating our photography to non-profit organizations that support important causes. Whether you're looking for inspiration for your own photography or want to follow our philanthropic journey, our blog is the place to be. So come join us as we explore the power and beauty of photography, one shot at a time.

"Leslie Zimmerman"

I'm over the moon about Brian and his work! He has photographed dozens of events that I have been involved in, and his work is unsurpassed. He has an amazing perspective, and can make your wedding day magical by all definitions of the word. Don't leave such an important day up to chance, go with Brian because he knows his stuff.

 A collage of logos representing non-profit organizations supported by Smyer Image, including Continue Mission, Girls on the Run, Tracy Aviary, Leukemia Lymphoma Society, SMPS, The Brock Strong Foundation, Utah DMC, NAMI, CCS, Multiple Sclerosis, The Road Home, National Ability Center, and Wasatch Adaptive Sports.

Photography with Purpose

It's not just about the photography for us. We believe in making a difference through our work, and that's why we are proud to support non-profit organizations in our community. With every project we take on, we strive to create something meaningful that has a positive impact on the world around us.

A collage of logos from various publications featuring Smyer Image's work including The Today Show, Cosmopolitan, People, BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, Bitchless Bride, Rocky Mountain Bride, The Knot, Mashable, and Ski Utah.

Noteworthy Publications

As a seasoned professional, Brian Smyer brings years of experience and a keen eye for detail to every project. His impressive track record includes being featured in prestigious publications such as The Today Show, Cosmopolitan, People, BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, Bitchless Bride, Rocky Mountain Bride, The Knot, Mashable, and Ski Utah.