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Photography with Purpose

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Are these the qualities you are looking for in a photographer?

  • The experience to maneuver tricky social situations with confidence and finesse

  • Quickly earns trust and puts people at ease.

  • Listens to your needs and gets to know your preferences

  • Takes charge for family portraits but blends into the crowd for candid shots

  • Prepared for things that could go wrong including large personalities and equipment failure

  • Passionate about photography and lighting

  • Cares about people

  • Expert knowledge of photography and lighting for every situation

  • Body language expert

  • Loves what they do and they smiles at all your guests

  • Provides a consistent finished product in a timely manner (3 weeks)

  • Gives back to the community

  • Proves to you that you made the right decision by hiring them.

  • Makes photos that you love.

My Why

I use photography to connect with people and show them a reflection of themselves that may be a bit brighter and beautiful than what they imagine. Weddings are an opportunity to photograph people feeling grateful, the most beautiful emotion of them all. I tell these stories of love while striving to make a difference to the people around me.

~Brian Smyer

Photography with Purpose

So far I've worked with several non profit organizations donating commercial photography, event photography and portraits. I'm grateful to be able to do this as I feel it is an area of my life that I make a difference. Over $250,000 in photography has been donated to date.


Brian's photos have been featured in many noteworthy publications including The Today Show, The George W. Bush Presidential Library, Cosmopolitan Magazine, People Magazine, The Huffington Post and more.


The Fun Part


5 Star Reviews on Google and Wedding Wire

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