A newlywed couple sitting in a field of wildflowers with tall golden grass in the foreground and trees and blurred out sky in the background. The groom is wearing a blue suit and the bride is wearing a white lace wedding dress and veil, holding a bouquet of yellow and purple flowers. The bride rests her head on the groom's shoulder as he gently kisses her on the forehead, conveying feelings of love and gratefulness as they take a short break from their wedding at Red Butte Gardens, SLC Utah
A wedding party celebrating at Needles Lodge, Snowbasin Resort. The newlywed couple is at the center of the image, with the groom wearing a black suit with burgundy accents passionately kissing his new bride, who is wearing a white wedding dress with sparkly bling details. The groomsmen, dressed in black suits with burgundy accents, cheer on as the bridesmaids and flower girls root for the couple. The background shows a magnificent mountain with snow covering almost half of the rocks, adding to the excitement and grandeur of the moment
A newlywed couple posing elegantly on a red rock in Southern Utah, with green palm trees and red rocks in the background. The groom is wearing brown boots and a dark gray suit, confidently standing with one hand in his pocket and a handsome mustache. The bride is wearing a stunning pink wedding dress with lace detail at the bottom, snuggled up to her new husband with his arm wrapped around her waist. The couple looks like young, gorgeous movie stars with tan skin and perfect hair. The cotton candy sky matches the same color pink as the bride's long flowing dress, adding to the glamour and romance of the moment

Must-have qualities of a perfect wedding photographer – what sets the best photographers apart? 

Looking for a wedding photographer who can effortlessly navigate tricky social situations with confidence and finesse? Someone who quickly earns your trust, listens to your needs, and gets to know your preferences? Who can take charge for those essential family portraits, but blend seamlessly into the crowd for those perfect candid shots?

Meet your photographer who is always prepared for any unexpected situations, including large personalities and equipment failure. He is passionate about photography and lighting, and cares deeply about people, ensuring you feel comfortable and at ease throughout your wedding day.

His expert knowledge of photography and lighting will ensure stunning results in any situation. He is a body language expert, who loves what they do and will always greet your guests with a smile. 

You'll have peace of mind knowing that you made the right decision by choosing a photographer who provides exceptional service and results. He will even give back to the community, ensuring that their work extends beyond your special day.

A proposal moment captured in a photo. A young man is on one knee holding a white ring box in his hand while a young woman, wearing blue jeans, a white top and a sweater hoodie, has her hand over her mouth with tears of joy in her eyes. The couple is surrounded by green trees and foliage, and the sun shines on their faces, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Our Why 

Welcome to Smyer Image, where we use the power of photography to connect with people and capture their most beautiful moments. Our passion is to show you a reflection of yourself that is even more stunning and radiant than you ever imagined.

Weddings are one of our favorite opportunities to photograph people feeling grateful, which is the most beautiful emotion of them all. We strive to capture the unique stories of love that unfold during each wedding, creating timeless images that you will cherish for years to come.

Our founder, Brian Smyer, is an expert storyteller who is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those around him. His creative eye and commitment to excellence will ensure that your photographs are nothing short of spectacular.

This stunning photo captured the joy and excitement of our wedding day perfectly! Our photographer was amazing - they made us feel comfortable and at ease, and were able to capture all of the special moments throughout the day. We especially love this photo of us twirling and jumping with Earl's Lodge in the background. The bride's white dress with delicate lace details looks absolutely gorgeous, and the groom's blue 3-piece suit and dark brown leather shoes complement the setting perfectly. We couldn't be happier with our photos - thank you so much

"Lauren Sanders"

We LOVED working with Brian. He made our wedding day special and captured the day beautifully. He was very easy to work with and got our pictures back so fast. Would highly recommend him and hope to work with him again in the future. 

Petite, gorgeous, and attractive bride with dark hair almost to her elbow twirls her delicate lace-sleeved wedding dress on top of a white snow-capped mountain, radiating in the colorful pink glow of the sunset. In the background are pine trees and snow-capped mountains, completing the picturesque scenery. The bride wrote a glowing review for the photographer, thanking them for capturing all the special moments and creating hundreds of perfect pictures that she can't stop looking at

"Jenna Capuano"

I don't even know what to say, I haven't stopped looking at the pictures for the last 4 hours!  THANK YOU so much!  We are extremely grateful for what you do.  They are all perfect.  Everyone just keeps saying how amazing our pictures are and now we have hundreds more to show them!  I can't wait.  Thank you for capturing all these special moments!  I'm pretty sure I just favored 95% of them so we will make another favorite list for the album.  I'm speechless. 

A young couple stands on Ensign Peak in Salt Lake City, with the cityscape blurred out in the background. The man, tall and blond, is on one knee, holding out a ring box to his girlfriend, a mid-twenties woman with brown hair, who clasps her hands together over her mouth in excitement. She wears a red dress with blue floral print and a gold bracelet. The photographer, Brian Smyer, captured the special moment with his keen eye for detail and expertise in portrait photography.

"Brett McWilliams"

Brian shot my fiancé and I's proposal photos earlier this month. I came to him with an idea to do the shoot at ensign peak because I felt it would be symbolic for our upcoming move to SLC. He went above and beyond to help me surprise my fiancé. He helped with the planning and troubleshooting of a difficult surprise. He even CLIMBED ensign peak and skyped me a month beforehand to help me get an idea of what we were up against because I wasn't able to see the peak myself before that night. During the shoot he was constantly looking for new shots and angles. Brian made our night that much better with his enthusiasm and professionalism. The pictures are amazing. Obviously, I highly recommend Brian and might just fly him out to the land of Lincoln to do my wedding if he'd be willing. 



Photography for a Purpose

For us, photography is more than just a job - it's a way to create change. That's why we are committed to supporting non-profit organizations in our community through our work. We approach every project with the goal of creating images that are not only beautiful, but also meaningful and impactful.

Featured in Top Publications

Brian's stunning photographs have graced the pages of a wide range of esteemed publications, such as The Today Show, People Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Knot, Rocky Mountain Bride, and more. His passion for photography and eye for detail make him one of the industry's most sought-after professionals. His work is defined by its emotional depth, artistic flair, and uncompromising quality. With Brian, you can trust that your photos will be nothing short of breathtaking