The Art of Movement

Action shot of snowboarder Army Ranger Garrett McTear catching big air off a cliff at Snowbasin resort. He is wearing a red top and blue pants, with his snowboard covered in snow as he flies through the air about 50 feet high. The snow surrounding his board is backlit and glowing, while a rocky cliff and mountain range provide a scenic backdrop, with blurred green trees visible in the distance.
A performance artist executing a pole dance routine on a chrome pole on a stage. The artist is bending her body in a way that seems impossible, with defined muscles working hard to achieve the feat. A twisted metal structure is visible in the background, illuminated with red and yellow lights, while the artist is lit with yellow and red stage lights, creating a dramatic effect.
Performance artist Amanda is dressed as a witch, with black makeup under her eyes and rotting teeth. Her hands are contorted in a witch-like manner as she screams, creating a spooky atmosphere. The background is lit in red for effect, while white light illuminates her face. It's worth noting that the character she portrays is make-believe and not intended to be offensive.
A skier wearing a green jacket, yellow Rossignol skis and orange poles is skiing in deep powder snow in front of a tall leafless tree. The skier is carving through the snow, creating a spray of snow behind them. The background is blurry but appears to be a forest of trees.
Skier Phil Cannon stands at the top of a steep, rocky slope, wearing a red and black flannel and tan pants, and assesses his options before skiing down. The sky is filled with pink and blue hues, and there are white clouds scattered throughout the sky.
Drag performer Sister Molly M. is dressed as an anglerfish with sharp teeth on their head dress and finger nails but with very pretty face makeup in purple and blue with green and yellow eyes. They are wearing pearl jewelry on their neck and arms, a ring on their finger, and diamond dangly earrings. You can see a net on one of their arms. They are both pretty and scary at the same time.

 Capturing the Art of Movement: Action Photography and Performance Shots  

At Smyer Image, we specialize in capturing action shots that showcase the energy and excitement of snow sports, theater, circus acts, dance performances, live music, and more. With Brian's experience as an athlete who can film on skis and his expert eye for body language, we are able to recognize and capture those perfect moments that tell a story.

We pride ourselves on being professional and always getting the best shot and angles. We use pro level DSLR cameras and professional lenses, mostly Nikon, to ensure the highest quality images. In addition, we have portable studio lighting that allows us to adapt to different lighting conditions, whether we're shooting outdoors or in a theater. From the slopes to the stage Smyer Image has you covered!

Two professional skiers ski toward the sunburst on fresh groomed snow at Snowbasin Resort. The skiers are dressed in Helley Hansen clothing, and the snow-covered trees are visible in the background. The sunburst creates a lens flare that runs diagonally from the top left corner of the frame to the skiers in the bottom right rule of thirds.

We understand that each project is unique, so we always listen to our clients before we shoot. This way, we can plan accordingly and make sure we're seeing the project from their point of view. Our goal is to not only capture stunning images but to also tell the story that our clients want to share.

Our impressive list of clients includes Snowbasin Resort, Park City Resort, Ski Utah, Premier Events, and Kiki Cabaret! 

A burlesque performer wearing a red inspector coat and hat, with a diamond necklace, is preparing to tip her hat while framed by red light in the foreground.

Post production is also a key part of our process. We carefully review each image and make adjustments to cropping, color, temperature, and tone to make sure that every image pops. However, we believe that most of the magic should happen in camera, so we strive to capture the perfect shot without relying too heavily on post production.

Choose Smyer Image for your next action or performance photography project, and let us tell your story with stunning and dynamic images.

Famous pop star Robin Thicke performing live in Salt Lake City, Utah at Kenny Smith's Allstar party and poker charity event. They are singing into a microphone with sunglasses on, their skin is sun-kissed. They are holding the mic in their left hand and have an earpiece in their right ear. They are wearing a black and gray vertical striped sport coat over a black shirt. Their hair is styled perfectly and their pitch is on point. The background is a chevron made from fabric hanging from the ceiling. It's red to almost orange in color. Robin is composed in the lower right rule of thirds, leaving negative space on the left foreground.
 Meagan Collins, Marketing Director of Visit Park City, skiing in her wedding dress and veil. She is seen jumping in the air with pink ski boots, white wedding gloves, and mirrored blue goggles. The motion of the trees in the background suggests that she is skiing at a high speed. Her fair skin and blond hair are visible. The white wedding dress has no sleeves, and her 7-foot-long veil trails behind her, out of the frame.
Madazan Can Can, a performer, is on stage dressed as Alice Cooper in his "Poison" music video. The stage is set with a dramatic and misty atmosphere, with cool blue and green tones. Madazan stands next to an actor portraying a dead king, who is lying on a throne with a crown on his head. Madazan wears a black leather jacket, black pants, and black boots. Their face is painted with dramatic makeup, including black lipstick, heavy black eyeliner, and white foundation. They hold a microphone in their hand and are in the middle of a performance. The audience is visible in the background, silhouetted in the misty atmosphere.

Our Why 

At Smyer Image, we are passionate about capturing the beauty, excitement, and energy of life's most thrilling moments. Our action photography is all about showcasing the incredible athleticism and grace of athletes as they tackle challenging terrain in the great outdoors. From skiing down mountainsides to snowboarding through fresh powder, we're committed to capturing every adrenaline-filled moment with precision and artistry.

Our expertise doesn't stop there. We also specialize in capturing the emotion and energy of live performances, including theatre productions and music concerts. With our experience and skill, we know how to capture the essence of the moment, highlighting the artist's talent and passion for their craft. Whether it's a high-energy rock concert or an intimate theatrical performance, we strive to capture every moment with creativity and flair.

At Smyer Image, we believe that photography is more than just capturing images - it's about connecting with people and telling their unique stories. We understand that every person has a unique perspective and story to share, and our goal is to capture that essence in every photo we take. Through our photography, we strive to create a comfortable and relaxed environment that allows our clients to feel at ease and be themselves. 

Are you ready to capture the excitement and beauty of life's most thrilling moments? Look no further than Smyer Image for expert action photography. Our skilled team is passionate about capturing the athleticism and grace of athletes as they conquer challenging terrain in the great outdoors, whether it's skiing down a mountainside or biking through rugged trails. We also specialize in capturing the emotion and energy of live performances, from music concerts to theatre productions. With our experience and artistry, we know how to tell a story through stunning imagery. Don't settle for mediocre photography. Choose Smyer Image for exceptional action and performance photography that captures the essence of the moment. Contact us today to schedule

A skier named Ryan Frank is skiing in front of the Orange Bubble lift at Canyons Village in Park City. The sky behind him is a beautiful mix of pink, purple, and blue with clouds scattered throughout. Ryan is wearing a black coat and yellow pants made by Helley Hansen, as well as white and black HH gloves. He is skiing through fresh snow, which is exploding into chunks behind his skis. He has a big smile on his face and is enjoying his time on the slopes.

Photography with Impact

Our photography is not just about capturing images - it's about making an impact. We proudly support non-profit organizations in our community through our work, and strive to create images that have a positive impact on the world around us. Every project we take on is an opportunity to create something meaningful and impactful.

Photographer Brian Smyer's self-portrait in front of a stunning landscape. He stands with his back to the camera, looking out over a mountain range. The golden hour light casts a warm glow over the scene, highlighting the peaks and valleys in the distance. Brian is dressed in warm layers for the chilly weather, with a black jacket, gray hat, and red scarf. The foreground is dotted with snow-covered shrubs and rocks, adding texture to the image.

Captivating Photography for Top Publications

Brian is an accomplished photographer whose captivating work has been featured in many respected publications, including The Today Show, Cosmopolitan Magazine, People Magazine, The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, The Knot, and Rocky Mountain Bride. His unique perspective and ability to capture emotion and beauty in his photography make him a top choice for these publications.